Choosing The Right Floor Tiles

Choosing The Right Floor Tiles

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Tiles are most often used to cover wall, floor & roof. Tiles are made from ceramic, stone, clay, glass and metal. There are different types of tiles are being used in the construction from the Floor tiles manufacturer.. There are Ceramic Tiles , Cement Tiles, Marble Tiles, Granite Tiles, Glass Tiles and few others.  Tiles had invented long back around the times of pyramids in Egypt. Among all these Tiles, Ceramic Tiles are one of the oldest forms used for decorative art and its using worldwide because of its durability and look. Decades ago tiles were used on walls only in bathroom and kitchen, but nowadays people prefer tiles on other walls like drawing rooms, bedrooms, hospitals, offices and elevation instead of color because of its cleanliness and easy maintenance.

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Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT) Design No. 6010 – Ambani Home Solutions

In Ceramic Tiles there are three categories. Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles & Vitrified Tiles. Ceramic Tiles are affordable for every segment, but its strength are lesser than other two. It may be chance of cracking and chipping in it and its water absorption ratio is more than 6%. Ceramic Tiles are made of using earthen clay. Ceramic Tiles are available for Wall and floor in different sizes according to its application. Porcelain Tiles have more strength than Ceramic Tiles, but lesser than Vitrified Tiles. Porcelain Tiles have water absorption ratio of 3-5%. Vitrified Tiles have a very good strength compare to Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles and it has very less water absorption ratio of 0.05-0.08% and thats why currently there is huge demand of Vitrified Tiles all over the world. Vitrified Tiles are made of using clay and silica. Vitrified Tiles are available in glazed and unglazed version. In unglazed Vitrified Tiles there are also three options available. Nano (Soluble salt) Vitrified Tiles, Double Charged Vitrified Tiles and Full Body Vitrified Tiles. Price of Nano Vitrified Tiles are cheaper than Double Charged and Full Body. Designs in Nano Vitrified Tiles mostly available in Ivory shades and it has only top layer of design, when in Double Charged you will get off white and other colour options. Double Charged Vitrified Tiles is made up of dual body and its designs are in the top layer and have depth. Double Charged Vitrified Tiles prices are higher than Nano and cheaper than Full Body. Full Body Vitrified Tiles have throughout single body from top to bottom. You will get same design and colour if you polish its backside. Its prices are higher than Nano and Double Charged Vitrified Tiles.

All these tiles are available in different sizes with different finish. We will talk about it in our next blog.


Written by : Yaagnesh Daave (International Sales Manager – Ambani Home Solutions)

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