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Reasons you must source Indian Ceramic Tiles

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India has been the key player in the global ceramic tile industry. The Indian ceramic tile industry emerged in late 1950s and it has come a long way ever since. Today India is the one of the largest consumers and manufacturer of ceramic tiles. Indian ceramic tile manufacturers have emerged as a key exporter in the international market in the past one decade due to many reasons.

Rapid growth of Indian Ceramic Industry
Indian ceramic tiles have been popular world-wide and the export increased rapidly between fiscal year 2013 and 2017. The value of Indian ceramic tile market was $3720.2 million in year 2019 and it is estimated to reach $7144.7 million by year 2027. On one hand the rapidly growing investments due to urbanization has increased the consumption of ceramic tiles in India. The housing sector has also been one of the key reasons behind the boom, but the consumption of ceramic tiles is not just confined to Indian demography. India will experience a whopping 8.6 percent of CAGR growth between 2020 and 2027.

As a key exporter of ceramic tiles, India have demonstrated its competitive strength and market positioning. It is quite evident that India will not only continue to be a pioneer in the global ceramic industry, but will also experience an exponential growth in the coming years owing to the rapidly increasing popularity of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are extremely popular and exported to all major countries including- USA (317.31 billion INR), Hong-Kong (50.45 billion INR), Singapore (46.66 billion INR), UAE (154.63 billion INR) and Saudi Arabia (47.88 billion INR) to name a few.AMBANI HOME SOLUTIONS has emerged as one of the best manufacturers and exporters of ceramic tiles in India which has been catering to the needs of its global clientele for years now.

Key Features of Indian Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic tiles are one of the most versatile tile types which are popular because of the following reasons. As an importer you must source Indian ceramic tiles due to the following benefits they offer.

Used in a wide array of applications
Indian ceramic tiles can be used in both residential and non-residential applications. They are highly versatile and long-lasting.

Designs, shapes, colors and sizes
Available in a huge number of designs, colors, shapes and sizes, ceramic tiles offer you an infinite range of choices. Your customers would simply be in awe of what these tiles are capable of offering. You can also ask the ceramic tile manufacturer to customize tiles according to your preferences and your native market needs.

Technological advancements
Technological advancements in recent years have also fueled the demand for ceramic tiles. Digital and 3D printing apart from other tile printing technologies have made these tiles a cut above the rest. If you hire a manufacturer such as AMBANI HOME SOLUTIONS, you can see it by yourself.

The above-mentioned benefits are just few features of Indian ceramic tiles. Hope you found the post useful. If you are looking for more information related to Indian ceramic tiles, feel free to get in touch with us.

Written by Poorav Patel (International Sales Executive – Ambani Home Solutions)

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